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If there’s one good thing that’s coming out of this dumpster fire of a year, it’s that I’m seeing more folks doubling down on supporting businesses that support their values (and kicking businesses to the curb that don’t). Which is pretty much all APW has ever been about. And having been on both sides of the aisle, if you will, what I can tell you is that having professionals who actually care about you and your wedding by your side on your wedding day matters. (Just ask me about the time I was a bridesmaid and the wedding photographer was very clearly channeling Austin Powers. It was… not a good scene.) And working with clients who value what you do? That matters too.

So, in the spirit of connecting good businesses with good people (because look at the picture above! That’s what happens when y’all get together!), we’re offering a pretty-much-never-happens 20% off sale on all vendor directory listings from now until February 22nd! Know someone who should really be working with APW couples? Or just getting their business off the ground and in need of advertising? Or did you have great vendors at your wedding you loved working with but you didn’t find through APW? Send them our way right now, and make sure they get an awesome deal on an APW listing. (Tell them they’re welcome to pass on the savings to the cause of their choice—whether that’s a social justice organization, a massage, or a stiff drink.)

As always, we’re so grateful for all the awesome folks you send our way. Working with our advertisers pays APW’s bills, supports (often female-owned) small businesses, and keeps us online producing feminist wedding and marriage content for you year-round.




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