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When you think of creating a registry, typically the first thing that comes to mind is a scanner gun and the most ridiculous list of items you literally didn’t know existed/you needed (hello, formal charger plates for fourteen and an overly complicated espresso machine). So many of the big box stores lead you astray by getting you to register for the things they want you to have, regardless of what you really need or are looking for. That’s why Zola is so great at what they do. They’ve totally changed the game when it comes to registries, and we’re big fans here at APW. (I even used it for my own wedding!) Plus, Zola just launched Zola Weddings, which has a whole bunch of killer features to make your life and wedding planning even easier. 🙌🏼 🙌🏽 🙌🏿

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zola’s new features

Zola recently took their tools to the next level by adding a whole slew of new ways to make planning easier, and connecting with guests a total breeze. (And they’re all free to boot!) So before your registry is even set up you can start using their customizable checklist to keep track of your planning process. Tell them what type of wedding you’re having (large, small, day, night, etc.), then choose from recommended aspects of planning you need (get alterations, pay vendors, drink lots of rosé, send thank you notes, etc.), add additional tasks or delete ones you don’t need, then Zola will help remind you to get it done.


You can also add your guest list into your account to easily get mailing addresses, send messages, and even collect RSVPs. Zola formats all guest info for you so if you need to export your list to vendor or upload to an invitations site, it’s ready to go. You can easily see which guests still need to submit info and how many people are in each party. Plus it’s clear which gifts your guests purchased so writing out your thank you notes isn’t something to dread.

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Probably my favorite new feature is the Zola concierge service. Simply open up the Zola Weddings app, and a Zola Advisor will walk you through setting up your registry, checklist, and guest list. All right in the palm of your hand. It’s literally like having a planner in your pocket, and in a matter of minutes you’ll be all set up!


classic zola features we still love

If you’re not already familiar with Zola’s universal wedding registry, it covers everything you could possibly think of, from the old standbys like cookware and home goods to non-traditional registry items like experience gifts, honeymoon funds, and even subscription services to make your life easier, all in one easy to navigate spot. Your guests don’t have to hop from site to site trying to figure out what is left where. With Zola, you can add items from any retailer online and in real life, and control when they get shipped to you. In short, they let you make a registry that’s one hundred percent reflective of you. Use their app or desktop site so it’s always on hand when you need to make a quick addition or redeem your gifts. Also, you can make any (and all!) of your registry items a group gift. So now you don’t have to feel guilty about asking for bigger ticket items like furniture or excursions on your honeymoon. Guests can contribute what they’re comfortable with, and you still get what you want!

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So whatever part of the planning stage you’re at, from engagement, to wedding, to decorating your first home, Zola is there to make it smooth sailing. Okay, well they can’t totally stop all the other hectic parts of life and wedding planning from happening, but they definitely make it a heck of a lot easier. And you’ll even get 10% off their ENTIRE site, not just for your registry items, for a whole year after your wedding, just because they love you! Pop over and check out their new look, and sign up for their free suite of wedding planning tools including a checklist, guest list manager, and registry.

leave your registry or planning questions in the comments! Already married? What IS the best registry tip You have? Then sign up for your free account at Zola and get access to their amazing suite of wedding planning tools today!


This post was sponsored by Zola. Zola is the universal registry and planner that combines form with function. With Zola, you can personalize your registry so that it actually looks and feels like you (and then add items from any retailer, so that it also represents you). And then they’ve packed it with tons of user-friendly features from planning checklist, guest list, and group gifting to shipping control (aka you tell your registry when you want to receive stuff), and the lowest fee in the industry for cash gifts, if you choose to add a cash registry option. You can even register for activities to do with your partner after you’re married, or use the handy Zola app (with barcode scanner) to register for items at your favorite stores. And if you change your mind about something after you’ve registered for it? No problem. Zola makes online exchanges quick and easy. Zola will even help you keep track of thank you notes because that’s one less thing you should have to worry about yourself. Click here for a full list of Zola’s features and sign up for Zola today!

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