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Hey APW!

Maddie had her baby!! On Wednesday morning I started getting slightly frantic texts about how we were going to have to cancel our mani/pedi the next day, because CONTRACTIONS. So I jumped in the car, drove to Maddie, and we got our nails done while Maddie was in early labor. Peak life experience? Except for the pain part? Then we had a nice (if painful) lunch, and I dropped her off with her best friend from childhood, and you know, husband. In the old school way, Maddie had the full female collective labor, with her bestie staying all the way through the birth, and a doula to top it all off.

All of that means that yesterday we all got to welcome Lincoln Eisenhart into the world. Yup, he’s got Maddie’s last name. ONLY Maddie’s last name. Badass, right?

He is such an amazingly cute bundle of joy. I melted over him, but that was nothing compared to my four year old, who we watched completely fall in love in front of our eyes. Since Maddie is his godmother, we’ve told him Lincoln is his godbrother, and he says he “wants to hold him forever.” AND EVERYONE MELTS.

And with that, here is your open thread.




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