APW Happy Hour

hey apw,

It’s been a blessedly quiet week over here, after a storm of a first quarter. Spring is springing, Marketing Coordinator Kate is making me jealous of her vacation in Israel, and I got to go on a mid-week date night (and buy a vintage #EverydayFur). Add to that the fact that I finally got to meet long-long-long-time APW contributor Manya over drinks in the city last night, and you have a damn good week.

Plus it’s Mother’s Day this weekend, which these days is my VERY favorite holiday (even if I always feel behind after a day of doing no chores whatsoever).

If you’re not pre-gaming APW’s new lifestyle publication The Compact with us over on Instagram already, come join! We’re talking adult friendship, postpartum fashion, body acceptance, and fuck the patriarchy earrings, just to name a few things we’re running our mouths over.

To the mamas in the house, HEY MAMA, I see you. Happy weekend.



link round-up

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For Mother’s Day, activists are bailing Black mamas out of jail.

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