This Is One Way to Get Wedding Photos You’ll Still Like in 10 Years

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When you’re in the market for classic, timeless wedding photography, you have an edge on other couples out there: you already know what you want. The next step? Finding out who you want, which is where longtime APW girlfriend Manali Anne Photography steps into your life. Because when you want clean, natural photos of you and your beloved on your wedding day (and you also want unfiltered, naturally gorgeous candids of everyone else), you want Manali Anne. And now that’s she’s offering free travel to APW readers throughout the U.S.—and Mexico!—you can have her. It’s truly that easy.

With a home base in Oakland (she’s a California native) combined with a very real desire to travel anywhere and everywhere to capture a good love story, Manali Anne Photography is a perfect fit for most APW couples. Because hot tip: there is something very smart about getting wedding photos that are not heavily edited or filtered and will look as great on your wall in ten years as they do right now. Plus hey, her rates begin at $3,500 for full day coverage with ZERO travel fees to anywhere in the U.S. and Mexico. There just aren’t a whole lot of reasons to not hire Manali. Let’s get to the good stuff:

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After a few years of building her wedding photography skills and business in the Bay Area, Manali Anne Photography is returning to her photography roots—globetrotting. As she told us:

I first fell in love with photography and traveling simultaneously, over 15 years ago. My life has revolved around photography ever since I started developing my own black and white prints in the high school darkroom. After high school I traveled throughout Europe with my best friend and my camera, and that is where I developed my photo-journalistic style. After that amazing experience I had developed a portfolio that got me into my dream college, the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. Since I am originally from California I was eager to resettle on the West Coast as soon as I could, which was in 2010. But now that I have been photographing weddings in my hometown, the San Francisco Bay, for the past 7 years, I’m ready to bring my camera back on the road or to the open skies, wherever your wedding may be.

So what does that mean for APW couples everywhere? Not only can you hire Manali Anne if you’re in the Bay Area, but now you can hire her all over the blessed place. And when you do so, you’ll be secure in the knowledge that your wedding photographer not only gets you—she’s also taking good care of you:

I take the time to connect with couples and understand what they are most looking forward to about their day so we are prepared once the day arrives. It goes by so quickly, and I like knowing that we are on the same page so I know how I can best take care of you on the day of. I check in about a month beforehand and have you fill out a questionnaire and send me your timeline. Then we schedule a call to go over everything together and fine-tune the timeline as needed. I want to hear all about the things you are most looking forward to—what’s super important, what’s less important, so I’ll have all that in my mind as I am photographing during the wedding.

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And you know you don’t have to take our word for it—Manali’s couples line up in droves to wax poetic about their favorite wedding photographer:

Before our wedding, Manali asked us detailed questions about what we wanted our photos to look like, and she really listened and delivered. She captured some seriously magical moments during our first look amongst the Redwoods! Manali did a good job of directing family in and out of various shots and getting all the requested combinations, including our two dogs who took part in the ceremony. Manali really captured the essence of how our wedding day felt, and the love and happiness that surrounded us on that incredible day! Bottom line, we highly recommend Manali’s services. We absolutely love our wedding day photos, and we had a blast working with her!!!!

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Wedding pricing for Manali Anne Photography begins at $3,500, with travel to anywhere in the U.S. and Mexico included, and varies based on your needs (psst: you can contact her for additional details). Homegirl also shoots weddings and elopements at San Francisco’s picture-perfect City Hall, and here’s how those prices breakdown:

cupcake: $750 // city hall coverage only

90 minutes of coverage with one photographer
Download of high-res photos
Password-protected gallery

slice of pie: $1400 // city hall + 1 location

3 hours of coverage with one photographer
Download of high-res photos
Password-protected gallery

frosting on the cake: $1800 // city hall + 2 locations

4 hours of coverage with one photographer
Download of high-res photos
Password-protected gallery

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APW, you know what to doooo: get to know our girl (her Q&A is the best and legitimately helpful), bask in the glory of her blog, and get in touch to start planning your own wedding photos—and to take advantage of that free travel (free travel!) Manali Anne Photography is offering.

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