APW Happy Hour

Hey APW,

How are y’all doing? Over here spring has really truly sprung, and it is BEAUTIFUL. Also, we’re heading into wedding season hard enough that I’m missing putting my kids to bed a few too many nights. Which I’m sad about, but also Marketing Coordinator Kate and I went to a “work dinner” at Tartine Manufactory, so I cried all my sad tears into the best bread in the world/things are alright.

And beyond that, the news omfg right? I will walk into an appointment, and then get back in the car, and no longer understand the news because something so big has broken in the last thirty minutes that I’m out of the loop. AND THIS HAPPENS MORE THAN ONCE IN A DAY. But it’s fine, because the boys at Pod Save America are giving me life, and the weather is good, and the rule of law is back, apparently, even for presidents who get two scoops of ice cream when everyone else gets one.

I’m heading into a weekend of kid crafts and prepping our deck for re-staining, plus plenty of glasses of white wine. What are you up to?




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