Is It Really Important for Us to Get a Prenup? πŸ’


Q: My partner and I have been talking about prenups. Neither of us have any major assets, but he’s in the process of forming a company, which is what spurred the idea in the first place. I quite like the idea of getting some sort of lawyerly consultation where someone can talk me through what legal things IΒ would be signing myself up for and what things I should think about in the case of divorce.

This is (unexpectedly) not emotionally stressful for me at all. I’m more just wondering about logistics of this thing. Is it really something we need to do? We both hope we’ll stay married until death but recognize that you can’t predict the future, and so we might as well talk with someone about it. But… how do you do that? Do you just google β€œ(city I live in) prenup lawyer”? Are there prenup lawyers? Will they cost me an arm and a leg?

Did you get a prenup, and are you glad you did? How did you get one in the first place?

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