APW Happy Hour

Hey APW,

How was your week? After everyone in the office survived some level of the mid-spring plague, I got to go over the river and through the woods to Maddie’s house/farm and cuddle her baby. Sadly I don’t have anything but blurry baby selfies, just a bunch of absurd pictures Maddie took of me at the Hot Snack Shack (aka the porch next to her house). But in case you don’t follow The Compact on Instagram (which you should), I did get you this:

While I was at Maddie’s house, I raided her fridge and ate some Blue Apron pizza that she made. I’m not exactly sure how APW has worked with Blue Apron this long without me ever trying their food but OMG IT WAS DELICIOUS. Also #sponsored (above is just legit my very honest feelings about shoving amazing pizza in my mouth), but we do have a few remaining free meal codes so click here and treat yourself to three free meals on us! And I’m definitely snagging one of those codes for myself because pizza.



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Image CreditMaddie for APW

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