Should I Invite My Newer Co-Worker to My Wedding?

Q: We’re getting married in July, and we are so excited! There’s only one snag: I work on a small team (five people) and everyone is invited to the wedding… except for my newest co-worker. She came on board two months ago, and we get along great. We go to lunch together, talk about our partners and pets, and since she’s been married for two years she’s been really great to bounce wedding ideas and frustrations off of (the rest of my co-workers have been married for eight years or more, so they’re less helpful).

Here’s the thing, though: by the time we started lunching and getting to know each other, the wedding had been mostly planned. And while it wouldn’t be a big deal to add two more to our guest list, I can’t think of a way to invite her that doesn’t sound like it was obviously a last-minute decision.

Do you think I should invite her or leave her out? I think it would be fun to have her there, but don’t want to sound like a jerk.

would you invite your new co-worker to your wedding? Do you think it’s okay to make a last-minute invite?

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