How to Survive All Those Opinions (+ Personalities) When Wedding Planning

We sat down to chat with an expert in planning weddings, Cristen Faherty of Cristen and Co.. She’s doling out some much needed advice on navigating the planning waters with so many personalities – and lots and lots of opinions being thrown your way. Getting ready to start planning your “I Dos”? Then this is a must read.

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Plan of Attack

Before the planning begins and family members get involved, have a discussion with your fiancé to ensure you both are on the same page when it comes to troubleshooting issues that come up with family during the planning process. You should always have each other’s back and never become a divided front, because you’re each other’s future. You need to make decisions together that are good for the two of you – even if it means upsetting a family member because they want something specific for your wedding that you don’t.

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Take It With a Grain of Salt

Take everything with a grain of salt and be willing to listen to others. Everyone has an idea of what a wedding should be, so your parents, close friends, and other family members might voice opinions and suggestions on what they think you should be doing during the planning process or for your wedding. Some of their suggestions might be great, and others you might cringe at, but remember it’s your wedding day. It is about you and your fiancé, and it is okay to do your own thing! Be up front and honest with them from the beginning, explaining that you will listen but you may not take all of their suggestions.

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Dole Out Tasks

You know your family and their personalities better than anyone – give your parents or close friends that are in your bridal party certain planning tasks or projects to keep their mind off of everything else. That way, you can focus and make decisions on things you don’t want them involved in, and they can contribute meaningfully in a way suited to their strengths and interests. Ask them to help with the bridal shower, bachelorette party, rehearsal dinner, or farewell brunch; those events alone will take a significant amount of time to plan. Or have them join in on the dress shopping experience or help you create the guest list. This will keep their minds busy so they won’t have as many strong opinions on what vendors you should be booking and what your wedding will look like.

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Hire a Wedding Planner!

I always say, “I’m your wedding planner, friend, and therapist!” Wedding planners can act as a middle man when times get frustrating with family members, and we can discuss certain aspects of the wedding with the family to guide everyone to a compromise. We can give suggestions or ideas that will make everyone happy in the long run. And, honestly, most of the time when the couple has a wedding planner, family members and friends tend to stay out of the planning process more because they know the couple has hired an expert to handle all of the details.

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Expert Advice: Cristen & Co.

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