5 Reasons Why Destination Weddings are the Best

If you’re considering a destination wedding, but find yourself waffling on whether or not a celebration in paradise is for you, today we’re teaming up with one of the prettiest places on the planet, the U.S. Virgin Islands, for a list of reasons why it is undeniably #realnice. Think of it as a little push in the right direction, so you can finally take that leap to yes. Because destination weddings are simply the best!

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Destination weddings are awesome for so, so many reasons, but sitting at the very top of our list of reasons why is the romantic getaway you’ve always wanted, all wrapped up in that wedding of your dreams – stunning sandy beaches included.  Which means that after you say “I do” seaside in a glam spot like St. Croix, St. John or St. Thomas, you can send your guests off in total island style, then sit back and relax for a week-long stay in paradise. (Did someone say scuba diving?) It just doesn’t get any better.

Photography: Clary Pfeiffer 


Just saying the words “destination wedding” can lead to visions of dollar signs dancing in your head, but the truth is that jetting off to an amazing island destination can actually be cost-effective. Yep, with a limited guest list, decor that comes naturally and a plethora of island hot spots that are easy to travel to like the U.S. Virgin Islands (read: no passport required), you won’t be spending nearly as much as you think. Our tip? Be sure to find a wedding pro that can help you plan from afar or a resort that offers awesome packages, so you can keep that pocket book in check. Oh, and we mentioned the built-in honeymoon, right?

Photography: Clary Pfeiffer


Some of our favorite weddings are larger, more grand affairs, but when it comes down to it: there’s just something about saying “I do” with only your nearest + dearest on hand that make destination weddings so, so special. We’re all for cutting that guest list down to just your besties and immediate family, then mapping out an itinerary that includes a lot of fun-filled activities (think beach days, touring historic hot spots, shopping and dancing the night away), so you can really make some memories with the ones you love.

Photography: Clary Pfeiffer 


If worrying about floral arrangements and ceremony backdrops isn’t really your thing, then you’ve come to the right place. With a destination wedding, you can breathe easy over all of the little details, because, well… paradise happens to be breathtaking. You can literally tie the knot with your toes in the sand (or even under water!), then celebrate seaside with softly lit candles and the ocean waves as your reception decor. Want something with some cultural and traditional flare? Incorporate indigenous flowers, handmade party favors and traditional island foods + desserts into your day. Either way, those sunsets over the water will steal the show.

Photography: Clary Pfeiffer 


Planning your wedding day from afar sounds like a ball of stress, but trust us… it’s surprisingly easy. Especially if you find the right wedding pros to make all of your dreams happen, so you can sit back and relax and let everything come together. Because what’s better than rushing off to a gorgeous locale like St. Thomas to spend a week or weekend with the ones you love touring old historic sites, playing on the beach, partaking in water sports and soaking in the fabulous culture. You won’t worry for one second about the details.

Photography: Clary Pfeiffer 

If you’re ready to lock down that fab destination locale (DO IT!), check out the U.S. Virgin Islands. With excellent dining on St. Croix, breathtaking beaches on St. John and first-class shopping on St. Thomas, choosing which island is right for you and yours will be the ONLY difficult decision you’ll make. Get that proposal today and start planning your dream day.




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