APW Happy Hour

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win all the things, full crate and barrel giveaway set, mini kitchenaid mixer, white prep and mixing bowls, cocktail pitcher and spoon, four gold striped old fashioned glasses, wooden cheese board, cheese knife set, napkins

Hey APW!

So as promised, we’ve got allll kinds of goodness for you today! We’re continuing our Pride month celebration with an epic giveaway. (More on that in a minute!) But first, let’s talk registries. As you know, here at APW we’re huge proponents of having a registry that reflects you and your needs, and of not worrying about what you HAVE to have on it. And our friends at Crate and Barrel are pros at registries. It’s their jam, and they strive to provide an amazing experience for all couples planning their new lives together. So today we have a real treat for you! The head of Crate and Barrel’s Registry Program is HERE to chat live with you starting at 11:30 a.m. PT and answer alllll your registry questions so you can get great things you want, and ditch the things you prob really don’t need (hint: formal place settings for fourteen). Use #CBregistry in the comments to ask your questions, so they don’t get lost amongst all your regular Friday updates. And don’t forget to RSVP for their Private Registry Event on July 16 at a store near you!

Crate and Barrel Giveaway Items, mixing and prep bowls, gold stripe old fashioned classes, cheese board and knives

But before you dive into the comments section to get all your juicy questions answered, it is GIVEAWAY time. Crate and Barrel asked us to pick out some of our fave items, and I hope you’re sitting down, because this giveaway is LIT. See that image at the top? Yeah the one with that brand spankin’ new KitchenAid Mini Stand Mixer, kick-ass cocktail essentials, and more? Well, one lucky APW reader is going to take home all of it, and sadly it is not me. (Trust me, I asked if it could be.) Check out all the details and enter via the form below!

And with that, Happy Hour is yours! Hit up CBRegistry with your questions on the top comment and use #CBregistry when asking your questions!



PS, our widget is having some technical difficulties today so if you’re just seeing a loading logo below, click it and you’ll be taken to the entry form!

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