6 Ways to Prepare Your Guests for Your Destination Wedding

Whether you’ve always pictured getting married in a remote, tropical locale or recently decided on a destination wedding, it’s important to make sure you and your guests are prepared before the big day. Here are six easy ways to ensure this is the trip of a lifetime for everyone involved!

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Talk to your family and friends.
Once you have a date and location in mind talk to your parents, close friends and other family members to make sure they’re able to travel and attend. It’s especially important to consider your parent’s input if they’re helping pay for the wedding festivities.

Send out save the dates at least six months in advance.
This will give your guests time to plan for the trip and start searching for airfare. It’s okay if you don’t have all the details planned out yet as long as it clearly states the date and venue location. Add a sentence or two that lets your guests know further details will be sent to them or direct them to your wedding website for more information.

Give your guests several options for accommodations.
If you’re getting married at a hotel or resort, set up a room block on site – you can often negotiate this as part of your contract. Take into account your guest’s comfort levels and budgets and offer at least one or two additional lodging options. Use sites like Skipper to save money and simplify this process.  Make these options clear on your website and provide transportation at all locations to the wedding festivities making everyone feel included no matter which option they choose.

Update your website and use it as a mini guide book for your guests.
Include as much information as possible on your wedding website. Your guests will thank you and you’ll avoid lots of last minute phone calls about hotel information and restaurant recommendations. Some important things to include on your website: lodging (include any room blocks or group rate discount codes), closest airport, best ways to get around town, dress code information, your favorite restaurants and sightseeing locations.

Recognize that many guests will turn your wedding into their vacation.
Especially in the summer months and during holiday weekends like Memorial Day, Fourth of July and Labor Day, your wedding guests are looking for any excuse to get out of the office and take a vacation. Lucky for them, you have chosen to host them in a beautiful destination! Whether it’s a city, the mountains or a tropical oasis, your guests are looking forward to this getaway. By keeping your website updated with things to do and places to go, they’ll be prepared for a fun trip and you won’t feel like you have to entertain them outside of the wedding weekend.

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Welcome your guests.
Write a very detailed welcome letter greeting all of your guests once they arrive at your destination. If you’ve asked your guests to stay at the same 2-3 hotels, you’ll be able to leave these at the front desk or in each guest’s room. If you don’t know where everyone is staying, an email the week of the wedding will work. Include a detailed schedule of events, addresses and emergency phone numbers, wedding day contacts (wedding planner or venue coordinator) for urgent needs, transportation information and any other information you think is important. Stock their room with a few bottles of water, your favorite local snacks and a map or small guidebook of the city. This will make your guests feel extra special and let them know you appreciate them making the trip.

Style Me Pretty Contributor – Kristen Lauck is the owner and lead planner at Marie Rose Events based in Oklahoma City. When she isn’t working, you’ll find her spending time outside or enjoying a glass of wine and cooking dinner at home with her fiancé.

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