5 Tips For a Perfect Night’s Sleep Before Your Wedding

Getting a good night’s sleep is always super important, especially when it comes to the night before your wedding – but if those big day jitters and last-minute details are stressing you out, you won’t get the beauty rest you need.

Here are five simple ways to unwind and get the rest you need for the best day ever!

Photography & Interior Design: Courtney Davey of Tuft & Trim


Like many brides, you might be sleeping in an unfamiliar hotel room the night before your wedding. While it might be tempting to have a big sleepover with your best girls, try to get some alone time to unwind and reflect. If you typically sleep with a noise machine and fan at home, bring it to the hotel! If you just can’t rest without your favorite pillow, bring that, too! Anything to help you feel a little more relaxed is fair game. Luckily, hotels have great blackout curtains, so you can block out any street lights or early morning sunrises.

Photography: Ruth Eileen


If you’re staying at home the night before your wedding, restful sleep depends on a luxurious bed, and that might mean investing in a blissful night’s sleep. Just consider this permission to get yourself an early wedding gift from Mattress Firm. From hybrid mattresses with pocketed innersprings to memory foam beauties – and literally everything in between – they’ve got you covered for the nights leading up to your wedding… and beyond. Top it with those fancy new sheets and fluffy duvet you got at your wedding shower and you’re set!

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Phone addiction is real – especially during the days before your wedding. If you feel tempted to text your planner or MOH the night before the Big Day, set aside your device and lay your head on that pillow instead. Trust us, playing with media will only stimulate your mind – and with all of the distractions, you’ll be losing precious sleep hours one “like” at a time.

Photography: Alyssa Rosenheck, Interior Design: Amanda Barnes Interior 


When it comes to a good night’s sleep, nothing relaxes your body and mind from a fun, festive rehearsal dinner quite like a warm bath. Don’t forget what we said about media… this should be a long, relaxing bubble bath with soft music, a big glass of water and happy thoughts – no television allowed.

Photography: Jenna Kutcher


This one seems fairly obvious, but we can’t stress this enough: go to bed early! Your body needs enough hours to cycle through the different stages of sleep, so if you don’t hit that pillow at the right time, you won’t wake-up well-rested. You’re in for a looong day of laughter, happy tears and dancing – so get those zzz’s.

Image Credits: Domino, Bedding: Crane & Canopy

Are you ready to turn that bedroom into a beautiful boudoir worthy of a fabulous snooze? Start your transformation to tranquility by finding your perfect bed at Mattress Firm. Don’t forget to get into your bedtime routine as soon as you can AND add that dream mattress to your registry, because receiving the gift of amazing sleep? That’s the best gift possible.



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