Grooms: What To Give Your New Wife The Day of Your Wedding

Whether her love language includes gifts or words of affirmation, choosing the right wedding day present for your bride-to-be should be personal and thoughtful. Think about your relationship and what you want her to know before walking down the aisle. Maybe you have something on your heart you want to share, or just want to make her smile.

From handwritten notes to luxury goods, these personal wedding day gift ideas will remind your bride how special she is and why you’re getting married.

Write a Handwritten Note

Expressing yourself in a letter or handwritten card for your new wife on the wedding day is one of the more popular forms of gift exchanges between nearly-newlyweds because it won’t break the bank and it’s straight from the heart. This is especially nice when you know you’re not sharing vows during the ceremony. Write a poem, song, or all the reasons why you fell in love with her. Does she love to read? Write it in the back of her favorite book. Like to journal? Write down a trait you love about her every day before the wedding and give it to her as a wedding day present.

Create a Video Message

We all know how popular wedding videos have become — from proposals to wedding days. Produce a personal video message for your wife-to-be describing your excitement for the wedding and your future together. It may include a slideshow or be short and sweet. Just make sure there’s enough time for a makeup touch-up after watching because there’s bound to be some happy tears. You can cut this video into the official wedding video later or cherish separately.

Surprise Her with a Family Heirloom

Welcome your new bride into the family by sharing something sentimental from generations passed. It could be jewelry from your great grandmother or a piece of artwork to decorate your new home together. Talk to your family about picking out the perfect gift.

Engrave a Watch (Or Other Personal Item)

Have a watch or other piece of fine jewelry engraved with a personal touch, such as new initials, the wedding or proposal date, or a sweet note. If it’s something she already owns, like her grandmother’s ring or watch, make sure to get permission first. On a budget? Monogram a luggage tag with her new name, or initials, for the honeymoon. She’ll love the thoughtfulness!

Pick Out New Lingerie

While it’s guaranteed that she’s already packed her favorite lingerie for the wedding night and honeymoon, a girl can never have too many lacy little things! Surprise her with something you picked out yourself (hint, hint) and let her know that you can’t wait to see her as your new bride.

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