Exactly How To Avoid Getting Sick During Wedding Week

The excitement of getting married also comes with a bit of stress. Left unchecked, it can wear you down and lower your immune system, putting you at risk of being a sick bride on your wedding day. I know because it happened to me. In order to ensure you’re happy and healthy when it’s time to say ‘I do,’ read what the experts say you should do.

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Stay properly hydrated.

Avoid soda, alcohol, caffeine and high-protein diets which can deplete your body’s water source says healthy living expert Ashley Pettit. Drink half your body weight in water every day to keep your system running properly (the added effects are less bloat and healthy looking skin). Drink more if you’re exercising in hot and humid conditions. Keep it interesting by flavoring your water with citrus fruits and remember, drinking water isn’t the only way to stay hydrated. Reach for cucumbers, celery, radishes, grapes, cherry tomatoes, bell peppers, watermelon and spinach for hidden hydration.

Move and rest your body.

Unless you have severe allergies, exercise outdoors says Erin Oprea, celebrity trainer to stars like Carrie Underwood. “All the germs are inside. Clean, healthy air is outdoors, and your body needs get accustomed to the weather. Especially if you have an outdoor venue,” she adds. Oprea suggests keeping your workouts consistent in the days leading up to your vows and getting seven to eight hours of sleep each night to avoid a weak immune system and late night food cravings.

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Fuel your body right.

“Fruits, veggies, grains and proteins are the key to building a healthy immune system and preventing illness,” says Sarah Arel, nutritionist and culinary director of Cooked. “But variety is the most important part of the equation.” Eating the same thing every day, no matter how healthy it is, can cause vitamin and mineral deficiencies. Switch up your meals according to the season and eat foods such as beef and oysters (which are packed with zinc and shown to help prevent and lessen the severity of the common cold).

“Right before your wedding day is not the time to make big changes in your diet,” says Oprea. “Eat clean leading up to the day and you’ll be ready to rock and feel your absolute best.”

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Give yourself a mental vacation through meditation.

Most people’s lives are hectic enough without the added workload of planning a wedding. Counteract the frenetic pace by making time to meditate. “This can be done anytime, anywhere, for as little as five minutes a day,” says Isabel Beltran, yoga instructor. Need structure? Try a hatha yoga class which is great for beginners. Looking for something more solitary? Try floatation therapy in a sensory deprivation tank. Harvard studies show meditation decreases stress, anxiety and insomnia.

Still find yourself feeling run down? Try an IV treatment.

At the first sign you might be getting sick, consider an IV treatment. The sooner you act, the better chance your body has to fight off a bug before it settles in. I waited until day three of my cold to do a treatment and the physician explained it wouldn’t totally cure me, but it’d keep me from getting worse. “The extra fluids take care of the dehydration that can accompany illness,” says Dr. Jack Dybis, general/trauma surgeon and co-founder of IVme. “The vitamins, minerals and elements will boost your natural immunity, and give a needed increase in energy. If you’re already sick, the treatment won’t make you feel 100%, but it will get you back on your feet and feeling good enough to get through your wedding with minimal discomfort.”

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