4 Beautiful Ways to Celebrate Your Second Marriage

Second marriages are the perfect opportunity to have exactly the wedding you and your partner want, without the pressure of having to please other people.

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If you choose, you can forgo some of the more traditional ceremonial elements and personalize the day in a way that feels most natural to you as a couple. Here are 4 surprising ways you can celebrate your second marriage.
Elopement + Cocktail Party
Eloping is so romantic, and is particularly a great option if you or your partner already had a larger first wedding. Take this chance to go somewhere that’s special to you both or someplace you’ve been dying to go together. Splurge on the dress and the photographer, but don’t feel like you have to skip out on the party! Host a cocktail reception at a cool venue when you get back for friends and extended family so you can all celebrate together.

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A Destination Wedding
Planning your second wedding should be fun, not stressful! If you had a hometown bash the first time around to accommodate a larger number of guests, this time go the destination route! Invite a few close friends and family members, and take the opportunity to have an extended vacation celebrating with the ones you love. Once you’ve chosen your location, hire someone local to coordinate all of the details so all you have to do is relax and savor this special time.

Family-Friendly Backyard BBQ
Want to keep things a little more low-key? Throw a family-friendly backyard BBQ celebration that’s intimate, relaxed and full of rustic charm. On a sunny summer day, have a short but sweet ceremony, followed by a casual evening of great food, refreshing drinks, lawn games, and twinkling lights. This laid back setting is perfect for you and your guests to comfortably hang out, celebrate and enjoy each other’s company.

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A Surprise Wedding

For a completely different twist on the traditional wedding, covertly plan a surprise affair! Under the guise of a more formal engagement, birthday or holiday party, invite your friends and family to your chosen locale and then reveal the fact that it’s actually your wedding! The joy and excitement of your guests will be contagious, and it’s sure to be a day filled with lots of love and happiness. Make sure you have photographers stationed to capture the looks on everyone’s faces once they realize what’s happening, you’ll want to remember those priceless expressions forever!

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