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Hey APW,

Summer is officially (officially) here in my book, now that it’s July. Summer is my favorite season, but for that and so many other reasons, it finally feels like 2017 is getting in gear around here. Our Brand Director, Najva is out from Brooklyn to work in our office for the month, we’re getting to know and love our new Studio Coordinator, Chelsea, and we hired on Faz Gaffa-Marsh as a staff writer (even though she’s all the way in Singapore). It has been such a joy having new blood in the studio and getting to work. We’ve even started some long overdue DIY projects, coming your way soon.

Other fun things that happened in recent weeks: I got to go check out The Black Cat in San Francisco, which I’d describe as a bougie and hip version of a old New York jazz club. (Date night photo above, I can’t get enough of that yellow top.) David and I were pretty tipsy when we met the owner, and the first thing I said is that it was like being back in New York at Smalls. Well, turns out he owns the restaurant upstairs from Smalls, so obviously we got along just fine from there on out. They’re starting to do weddings, and LORD y’all should check them out.

And with that, your open thread. What’s on your summer bucket list?



P.S. If you’re not following along with our behind the scenes at the office Instagram Stories on The Compact, come hang!

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