5 Steps To Get The Fairytale Florals Of Your Dreams

When choosing your wedding florals, what comes to mind? If you’re picturing a princess in a ballgown saying “yes” to Prince Charming, a fairytale wedding may be in your future.

Here are five tips on achieving those fairytale florals you’ve been dreaming of.

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Invest in high-quality florals while buffering with greenery.

If some of the flowers you’re hoping for are a bit pricey, get a few to be the center of your bouquet and then use pretty greenery to fill it out. This will add texture and make your blooms stand out. The quality of your florals will make all the difference in terms of how long they stay fresh and how bright their coloring is.

Don’t let them see too much heat.

On hot summer days, your florals will wilt quickly, and you want to keep them as lively as possible. Take a few outdoor shots with your stunning bouquet before having it whisked away by a bridesmaid or attendant to be kept in water. Ditto the cold–if you’re having winter nuptials, take one gorgeous shot with the flowers and then have them brought inside.

Keep the colors in mind.

“Keep the color palette eye-catching with contrasting but complementary colors,” said Phuong Nguyen of Mibellarosa, a floral + event design studio. “For instance, if a white peony has streaks of pink in it, then place a pink flower next to it to make both colors pop out from one another. If the color scheme is predominantly white and neutrals, use natural variations of greenery like bits of yellows, reds or creams in the leaves to break it up and add more character to the palette!”

Play with shape.

Cascading bouquets are having a moment right now, and they bring to mind castles and enchanted gardens. Don’t feel as if your bouquet has to be a perfectly-shaped sphere. Dangling flowers or pretty greenery can give your bouquet the extra “oomph” you’re looking for.

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Evoke a garden feel.

“Keeping the aesthetics as true to nature as possible is ideal while creating larger-than-life designs. Integrate large blooms such as peonies and garden roses with smaller blooms such as clematis and sweet peas as if they were growing in a garden together,” Nguyen said.

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