6 Honeymoon Travel Secrets From The Experts

From the proposal to the big day itself, a lot of thought goes into getting married. But what happens when the day is done and you’ve been pronounced husband and wife?

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Well, hopefully, you’ll jet off on the honeymoon of a lifetime – but this shouldn’t be taken as a given and the perfect honeymoon takes just as much planning as the perfect wedding.

Save the date
We know that there is a lot to think about when it comes to getting married, but by starting to talk about your honeymoon early on and being open to all options, you’ll have one less thing to worry about ahead of the big day. Plus, you’ll avoid the risk of rising flight prices and availability issues. Your honeymoon is a trip that you will remember for the rest of your lives, and working with a travel expert can help you determine exactly the right dates for travel depending on what you’d most like your trip experience to be. Leave this part up to the experts!

A room with a view
It’s tempting to simply opt for the best available rate when booking a hotel room, but Carolyn, the head of Product at Black Tomato, recommends having a more in-depth look: “While having a room with a spectacular sunset view may cost a bit more, it will be more than worth it in the end. Just think of those insta pics!”

A whole new angle
Look at traveling within the low season to take advantage of amazing prices and offers on luxury vacations. If you’re looking for a relaxing break in the Caribbean or Maldives but the weather and 24-hour sun isn’t your top priority, then you could take advantage of some great offers during the summer months in some of the best hotels. Safari destinations also have great ‘green season’ offers where you’ll still see great wildlife but can also take advantage of more cultural activities such as visits to local villages. These quieter times are often when you will see a destination at its most authentic too as you get away from the crowds.

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Break the mold
It’s all too easy to plan for popular destinations of the past, but your honeymoon is also a great opportunity to travel somewhere neither of you has ever been – nor are likely to go again. When we asked Milla, our Iceland travel expert, why she chose French Polynesia for her honeymoon, she told us: “We are both very well-traveled and it was one of the only places neither of us had been to. It’s also so far away and a little trickier to get to that we figured we would probably not be able to go ever again, so it will remain even more special to us.”

Adventure away from the beach
Whilst we recognize that beach destinations are a common pick for honeymooners, Carolyn encourages you to consider something a little bit different, mixing beaches with another destination. “People get so hung up on beach destinations, but ironically these destinations tend to be very easy to do with kids – I would urge honeymooners to consider more intrepid destinations like Cambodia, Australia or South Africa – places that are harder to bring small children to in the future, that also offer beach with adventure.” After all, your honeymoon is perfect for ticking off those bucket-list destinations.

The perfect couple
Fear not, just because your new husband prefers hiking through the hills whilst you’d rather sip cocktails by the pool, that doesn’t mean you can’t find a honeymoon destination to suit you both. At Black Tomato, some of our favorite honeymoons involve a mix of destinations and experiences, so we know which combinations work well together. Why not opt for a safari honeymoon where you can start off with a bit of adventure before enjoying some downtime at the beach later? It’s the best of both worlds.


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