Why Wedding Florals Cost What They Do

Beautiful florals are the cornerstone of many of the stunning weddings we see here at Style Me Pretty. From drop dead gorgeous bouquets to intricate floral installations, if there is one way to up the wow factor of your wedding, it’s flowers, flowers, and more flowers!

You might have a little sticker shock when pricing out your wedding flowers, so Stacy K Floral is here to help explain four reasons why arrangements cost what they do.

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Shipping + Importing

Shipping and importing costs (how far each flower traveled to get to you) are a major factor in the price of wedding florals. Flowers travel all over the world in either two-day air or refrigerated truck to get to your florist. Rising costs of shipping and decreasing number of American flower farms have caused floral prices to increase in recent years.

Alexandra Elise Photography


You are paying for knowledge. I know, I know, everyone is a florist, photographer, or event planner these days. But the people in these industries have devoted their lives to this art.  They have knowledge beyond a single DIY video or planning one event.  I personally have an Associate’s degree in floriculture merchandising and a Bachelor’s degree in business administration with a focus on marketing, plus I bring 22 years of experience in the industry.

Supply + Demand

Styles are not changing as quickly as they used to due to the internet, so blush and cream flowers are in high demand. Seasonal availability is also a major factor. Additionally, natural disasters in areas of the world can impact availability (for example, flooding on rose farms has caused a shortage of roses this spring).

Alexandra Elise Photography

Business Costs

Like any business, florists have overhead costs like floral tools, packaging, and delivery vehicles. Business expenses such as rent, insurance, and advertising also play a role. Additionally, florists pay designers a living wage to be on staff and often provide benefits and workers compensation.

When you look at all that goes into floral design, it’s certainly not just the pretty bouquet you see in the pictures! From the farm to the florist, a lot goes into making beautiful blooms shine.

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