Foods To Skip The Night Before A Wedding—And What To Eat Instead!

After months (or more!) of planning and preparation, the wedding day details have been perfected and the night before the big day has arrived. Many brides and bridesmaids ask which last-minute foods are best to choose, and those to avoid, in order to sleep well the night before and wake up feeling her best.

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Consider these tips while prepping for any big event; the wedding day and beyond.

Avoid Added Sugars and Artificial Sweeteners
This may seem like a no-brainer for many health conscious brides, but avoiding added sugars or artificial sweeteners the day or hours before slipping into the dress can make all the difference. Added sugars provide little more than empty calories, and therefore, a quick surge of energy followed by a crash due to sugar’s impact on the body’s blood glucose levels. Additionally, artificial sweeteners, cause GI distress for many, including gas or bloating — not something any bride wants to manage!

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Instead, look for no-sugar added foods to satisfy a sweet tooth, like whole fruit sorbet, or stick with only a few bites of dessert at the rehearsal dinner and move on to a post-dinner tea instead.

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Skip the High-Fat Foods
Fat is a complex nutrient. We need it to feel full and absorb fat-soluble nutrients, plus it gives food extra flavor. While fat in foods may not be the enemy once believed, it is still important to watch portions of high-fat foods. Certain indulgences, like steaks, burgers or fried food, may lead to stomach issues and feelings of discomfort later in the night or even the next morning.

Avoid greasier foods the night before and morning of the big day and opt for leaner choices instead, like eggs, fish or poultry. Or, simply request your entree be prepared either grilled, baked, broiled or roasted. Fill in the rest of the meal with plenty of non-starchy vegetables to fill you up with fiber, water and micronutrients, too.

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Limit Adult Beverages
Toasting with bubbly or a cocktail (or two) won’t impact you much the day before the main event, but be sure to keep count and skip any unsolicited refills by well-meaning friends or caterers. Not only can too much alcohol mean a less than blissful wake up call the next morning, but can also lower inhibitions to avoid certain foods that can leave you feeling uncomfortable and sluggish.

Instead, stick with two alcoholic beverages throughout the night and drink plenty of water, too. Avoid sugary mixers like juice or soda, or ask for a spritzer — wine or liqueur mixed with sparkling water — for something extra light and refreshing. Keep the nightly total in check, but enjoy a drink or two.

After all, this is a celebration!

Style Me Pretty Contributor – Amanda Baker Lemein, MS, RD, LDN, is a Registered Dietitian and freelance writer from Chicago. She works in private practice, helping both pediatric and adult clients find healthy lifestyles that work for a variety of nutrition needs.

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